PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV


T he Company realizes the program of corporate social responsibility is an investment for the company for growth and sustainability (sustainability) company. Social responsibility program is the company’s commitment to support the creation of sustainable development (sustainable development) program implementation are CSR is one form of implementation of the concept of good corporate governance (Good Coporate Governance). PTPN IV is a company which engaged in plantations,therefor the company’s business activities in direct contact with stakeholders particularly those located around the garden.

The Scope of Responsibility

A s a big company, we certainly have a greater responsibility to society. That's why we always strive to implement activities capable of protecting the environment and promoting economic growth surrounding communities. As for the kind of responsibility that we have formulated and implemented:
A. Social Responsibility Against Environment
The Company remains committed to social responsibility to the environment by maintaining biodiversity and conservation of water resources. this is in accordance with the policies made by the company to preserve the environment around the company.
B. Social Responsibility Against Labor, Health and Safety
Company in operating the company always concerned about employment, health and safety. This is of particular concern due to the company to support the company’s business processes are both necessary health and safety is very important.
C. Social Responsibility Against Social and Community Development
PTPN IV is a business entity that relate directly to the communities where the company’s business processes that manage the plantation requires the surrounding community. To PTPN IV has a social responsibility to social and community development in the location around the estate of the company.

Product Responsibilty

T o maintain the quality of products and services produced by the company, management established a policy that the content of Free Fatty Acid (ALB) in CPO marketed must be under 5%. Periodically the company conducted a survey of customer satisfaction as an instrument for quality improvement on an ongoing basis. The Company also has Tenera Machine Factory (PMT) Dolok Ilir ie Business Unit engaged in Manufacturing Engineering and Construction of metal, each of the products it produces has got SNI Marking Product Certificate from the Ministry of Industry.