PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV

Company's Culture

T o give, guide and encourage the behavior of all employees of the company in order to carry out the tasks were:

  1. Think positive to be able to capture every opportunity.
  2. Be proactive in generating innovation and achievement.
  3. Teamwork to build strength.
  4. Placing the company’s interests as a primary consideration for any decision taken by each of the company’s lineup.
  5. Placing employees welfare as an integral part of the achievement of corporate goals.

Our Mission

  1. Run the business with the best business principles, innovative and highly competitive.
  2. Run the agro-industrial business based on palm oil, tea and and rubber.
  3. Integrating upstream, downstream and new products of agro-industry as well as asset utilization, with preference to the proven latest technology and environmentally friendly.