PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV

Business Field

PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV is one of the companies engage in agrobusiness and agroindustry business. In carrying out its business, PTPN IV manages 2 business segment of plantation commodity as follows:
  1. Business Segment of Oil Palm Commodity
  2. Business Segment of Tea Commodity
PTPN IV has 30 Units of Estate which manages the cultivation of Oil Palm, 1 Units of Estate manage tea and 1 unit of Plasma Estate Palm Oil, which is located in the 9th district, which Langkat, Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai, Simalungun, Asahan, Labuhan Batu, Padang Lawas, Coal and Mandailing Natal. In the treatment process, PTPN IV has 16 units of palm oil mill (PKS) with a total capacity of 615 tons of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hour, 2 units Tea Factory with a total capacity of 155 tons Fresh Tea Leaves per day, and 2 unit Kernel Oil Processing Plant with a capacity of 405 tons per day.
In addition to managing both the commodity PTPN IV also manages oil palm breeding centers located in Adolina Business Unit. PTPN IV is also supported by one Business Unit Engineering Manufacturing and Construction that Tenera Machine Factory (PMT).

Business Area in Accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company

B ased on the Deed No. 5 dated March 14, 2016 on the Amendment of Articles of Association before a Notary Fauz Nanda Iwan SH, M.Kn. is doing business in the field of agribusiness and agro-industries and optimal use of the Company’s resources to produce goods and/or services of good quality and strong competitiveness, to obtain/ pursue profit in order to increase the value of the Company by applying the principles of Limited Liability Companies. To achieve its goals and objectives, the company can carry out the main business activities as follows:
  1. Cultivation of crops includes clearing and land preparation, seeding, planting and maintenance, and harvesting plants and perform other activities related to the operation of the plant cultivation.
  2. Production includes the reception and processing of the plant itself or from other parties into semifinished goods and/or goods jadiserta derivatives.
  3. Perdagangan meliputi penyelenggaraan kegiatan pemasaran berbagai macam hasil produksi serta melakukan kegiatan perdagangan lainnya yang berhubungan dengan kegiatan usaha Perseroan, baik hasil produksi sendiri maupun hasil produksi pihak lain.
  4. Trade marketing activities include organizing various.
In addition to the business activities of the Company to conduct business in order to optimize the utilization of its resources for the trading house, the development of industrial zones, agro-industrial complex, real estate (sales, purchasing, and management of properties including hotels, homes, apartments, and condominiums, warehousing, shopping center/mall), tourism, resort, sports and recreation, rest areas, toll roads, fertilizer (industry and trade), hospitals, services other health services, education, research, infrastructure, telecommunications, energy resources (including but not limited to biofuels, green diesel ethanol), the supply/power generation (including but not limited to those derived from ethanol, biomass, and biogas), leasing services, development services garden, services concession facilities and infrastructure owned by the Company, agriculture, livestock , timber (Industry and trade), offices, consulting services Agro Business and Agro Industry and/or processing, plantation crops, fisheries, transport, airport, mining, port, agricultural machinery, fodder, fattening cattle, food-endurance, construction contractor field crops, jute sacks, plastic bags, alcoholic spirits, particle board, yeast (yeast), acetic acid, spices, cosmetics, building materials, industrial bioethanol, laboratory services, provision of water (including drinking water and raw water), waste management, training, various plants, particle board, oleochemical), service workshop (workshop), construction services, engineering, procurement, and construction (engineering procurement and construction (EPC), the metal casting industry (foundry), and manufacturing.