Quality Seed Development Center PTPN IV

S ince eight years ago, exactly starting from 2008, PTPN IV has made serious investement to develop a program that is very vital and strategic for the palm oil industry, which is a special garden to produce superior seeds. Long preparation was now approaching the stage of completion, which is marked by the production premiered in 2016's Garden Seeds, seek to provide superior seeds 757 424 items for the purpose of planting a garden in the neighborhood PTPN IV, plus 2.5% extra to anticipate the damaged seed. Since the release of the first stage seed products,PTPN IV Seeds garden, located in the hamlet Exemplary, Adolina Village, District Perbaungan, Bedagai Serdang, North Sumatra, it still continue to process the high-yield seeds which are ready to be released to the market, especially to meet the captive market- his own. To within 61 km to the south of the city of Medan, Garden Seeds PTPN IV relative became the center of a hatchery closer to the market and have access to a very open in all directions.


In 2016 The Seed PTPN IV has managed to distribute more than 757 424 seeds yielding seeds to fill the needs of some of the gardens in PTPN IV.
Company did not hesitate with the result because this program has been conducted in cooperation with PPKS Medan who are experienced in the field of seed and under the strict supervision of the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture Plantation.
To this day most, Seed continuous production to provide superior seeds ready for supply.
In March 2016, according The Decree No. 02, 03, 04 and 05 / Kpts / KB.020 / 2/2016, Garden Seeds of PTPN IV is disconnected status as a source of higher yielding seeds, as well as make PTPN IV as its source of oil palm seeds to-14 in Indonesia , As a source of seed, PTPN IV can produce varieties AVROS, Simalungun, Langkat and PPKS 540.
And there are opportunities, the next step will be able to produce their own varieties on behalf of Oil Palm Seed Garden Adolina PTPN IV.
With the number of parent trees dura as much as 481 principal and the male parent tree was selected by 8 principal, PTPN IV Seed can produce about 3 million seeds. If a tree grew older, the estimated production will increase to 5,000,000 seeds.

Seed program, according to the process and its location is divided into two main parts, namely seed orchards and processing of seeds. Reviews Tree breeders in seed orchards besides getting intensive treatment, fruit trees and oil palm are treated completely special.
Reviews Every grain of improved seed through a rigorous process that begins from the pollination of flowers of breeders, seed grain selection, soaking and heating as well as finger seeds, in addition must also meet the requirements, regulations and associated permissions.
Reviews Protocol yielding sprouts production in collaboration with PPKS Medan. In 2015 already dumulai election of female and male parent tree and started production of selected seed bunches.

Currently Adolina Garden Seeds has been able to produce varieties PPKS 540 that can generate 32.1 percent of oil per bunch, TBS productivity of 28.1 tonnes / ha / year and CPO 8.1 / ha / year.
Reviews Seed PTPN IV have also been able to increase the variety of superior character generated in the first cycle and the second cycle. For example, age is coming to fruition after 14 months of age to harvest to 28 months, the average production potential to reach 32.1 tons FFB / ha / year, and the plant density reaches 136-143 trees per hectare.

Superior Seed Production Process Gallery of Adolina Center of Seedling