Workshop Unit Of PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV

At this time PMT able to meet the entire demand for repair, manufacture and installation of factories both inside and outside of PTPN IV.

F actory Machinery and Equipment Palm Oil Processing (PMT) is a business unit owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV which is engaged in manufacturing of equipment and components machines palm oil mill (MCC). PMT located in Dolok Ilir subdistrict Serbalawan Simalungun North Sumatra Province. PMT has several parts that support each other in doing the design / design, production process, up to the installation in the field. The sections include: Section Design / Design, Part PPC (Product Planning & Control), Part Foundry (Pengecoroan Metal), Machinery parts, parts of construct, parts Assembling, part of the Project. CERTIFICATION FOR METAL CASTING (SNI) BY THE CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND STANDARDIZATION INDUSTRIAL FIELD:
1. Certification of the Gray Iron Castings and Alloy Steel Castings
2. Certification of Heat Resistant Steel Castings
3. Certification Carbon Steel Castings Low and Medium Strength
4. Quality Certification Carbon Steel Castings
5. Certification Steel Casting Shaped Round

Serve all the needs of the industrial sector mills in terms of making the production machinery, spare parts and provide repair services with the best quality and reliable

1.By continuous supply of quality products and services to be able to give you a sense of satisfaction and confidence of customers in order to create good cooperation
2.Developing quality employees who are competent to create a good working environment to support the achievement of the vision of the company especially customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our goal

E stablished in 1928 as a workshop unit that serves Sisal factory belonging to HVA. In 1957, the takeover of the plantation owned by HVA by the Government of Indonesia unit this garage named Parent Workshop Dolok Ilir or abbreviated BIDI whose activity is to serve the factories former HVA. In line with the government policy in the field of the development of the agricultural sector, the activities of the Parent Workshop Dolok Ilir directed to support and supporting the development of agricultural sector, especially oil palm plantations.
In an effort to improve the capabilities in manufacturing, engineering and design manufacture and installation of the palm oil mill in the year 1982 - 1987 has been woven technical cooperation and management with the Metal Industry Development Center and Engineering (BBLM) Bandung. In 1983 the name was changed to Parent workshop Tenera Machine Factory abbreviated PMT.
Determination Areal Unit HGU PMT still under control of or merge with Dolok Business Unit Ilir



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